BIG jobs numbers released today--1/8/2014


In my latest research report, The Bear Hunt, I discussed the importance of a robust economy to the continuation of our current Bull Market run.  In that report, I detailed how cyclical Bear Markets can unfold within the context of a larger, more powerful, secular Bull Market.

I also discussed the importance of limiting the damage caused by these Bear Market pullbacks in the context of longer-term wealth creation and capital preservation.  

With that I informed all my clients that I would be keeping a keen eye on economic data in an effort to stay a step ahead of market's next move.


Well, today the ADP report for December showed a massive increase in payrolls for December.  Good for the economic prospects.  Add this to the trade deficit numbers that came out the other day and I think the economy still appears to be chugging along...perhaps even gaining steam.


This tells me the tapering will continue, rates will rise, but the health of the economy is good.