Funniest Thing---10/27/2016

Amazon just announced their quarterly earnings and as I read through their Earnings Release, I saw the funniest thing I've ever read in an earnings report.  Amazon's guidance for 4th quarter Operating Income is, and I quote, "expected to be between $0 and $1.25 billion..."  

HA!  That is a big F--- You to Wall Street!!  They are either going to make no money or a bunch of money...they won't tell Wall Street analysts which one it will be.  And I'm sure they will hit those numbers, with a range that big...its hard to miss.  

That is funny!!!

Oh yeah, Revenue was up 29% and Net Income was up 219% year over year...and the stock is down in after hours trading.

And...GOOG announced as well.  They beat earnings expectations and had revenue growth of 20% and EPS growth of 23% year over year.  The stock is up in after hours trading.