Interesting News Today--1/8/2016

Today, China lifted their trading curbs.  Equity investors can now get in and out of their positions over there normally and, interestingly enough, trading in China was less volatile.

Furthermore, the U.S. Employment numbers FAR EXCEEDED expectations.  With numbers like that, it is hard to see a looming U.S. recession.  However, I think this will actually ramp up stock market volatility over here.  Why?  If the U.S. economy continues to heat up, it is more likely the Fed will continue to raise rates; perhaps at a faster pace.

But it is kind of weird to think about.  If the employment numbers were bad, the market would have tanked due to fears of the looming recession.  If the numbers were good, the market might get choppy because the Fed will continue to hike rates.  Heads the market goes down, tails the market might go down.  Sometimes the market just needs to sell off, irrespective of the data.

Keep your seat belts on.  As I've been saying, I think 2016 will be very bumpy.