Major News NO ONE is talking about---3/19/2018

It seems there is a giant chasm between the people of this country and the news being reported.  If you watch tv, you'd think the world was coming to an end.  However, the Consumer Sentiment Index, a gauge of how the citizens of the United States feel about their financial condition, just broke the 100 level.  In fact, for February...yeah, February, the month with the market sell off, one negative Trump story after another, interest rates spiking, and a looming trade war...the Consumer Sentiment Index hit 102!!!!

Per my work, that is a sign of euphoria.  It is true that most Bull Markets end with an overwhelming sense of euphoria and investors thinking the market can do no wrong, but one singular metric giving one singular euphoric reading doesn't spell doom.  In fact, it might spell the opposite.  My work shows that a consistently euphoric consumer can lead to increased investment activity and can lead to a Reflexive Bull Market, which can drive the market to obscene levels.

So...let's keep our eye on this one!