At MRP Capital Investments, LLC, one of the ways we strive to distinguish ourselves from the competition is with the quality of our in-house research.  Below you will find formal research reports, quarterly newsletters, and quick updates on important market events.   We leave all of our reports and notes up on the site, so clients and prospective clients can review what we've said over time.  You will note that most of the time, our research and market calls are extremely accurate and timely.

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These publications are a snapshot of the research and opinions of MRP Capital Investments, LLC.  And with that, the opinions and predictions set forth in MRP Capital Investments, LLC publications are our professional beliefs at the time of publication.  We are not under duress or pressure from any of the corporate entities mentioned, nor do we intend to do business with them on the investment banking or advisory side of things.  This report is not a solicitation or inducement to take action, whether buying or selling, based upon the opinions presented. 

Although MRP Capital Investments, LLC is an investment advisor, these publications are not to be construed as investment advice.  We strive to be as impartial, insightful and accurate as possible.  We do base our opinions, analysis, and calculations on information and analysis that we believe to be reliable, but we cannot guarantee that they are either accurate or complete.  We may change our minds about any item mentioned and we will not necessarily update them in print. 

MRP Capital Investments, LLC and/or its officers or employees, may have a position in the securities mentioned in this report, and may purchase or sell such securities from time to time.

Finally, we must disclose that investments have the potential for profit and loss and that PAST PERFORMANCE DOES NOT GUARANTEE FUTURE RESULTS.