Not freaking out...yet 5/30/2014


In my last few research reports, I've been discussing what brings on Bear Markets.  One of the biggest reasons for a market to sell off is an economy that turns from growth to recession.  In the last few days, we've seen economic data that told us that GDP and Consumer Spending contracted and inflation rose the most that it has in about 2 years.

Now, we've got reasons to explain a lot of that.  The major snowstorms this winter being the main culprit.

So, I'm not freaking out and/or sounding the alarm bell, right now.  But we are overdue for a market correction and the major reasons for market corrections are: economic recession, geo-political events, and market overvaluation (as I've highlighted in my research reports) .

Given this, I'm keeping my eyes wide open for any of the above signs and the potential impact they may have on market prices.