Perfect Day of Dichotomy--8/11/2015

I find it fascinating when the media focuses solely on the macro-investing environment and over looks the micro-investing opportunities.  Well, today is providing a GREAT example of what I mean by that.

Today, China devalued its currency substantially to, supposedly, ward off their declining exports and, therefore, their falling stock market.  In response to this, markets around the world are falling.  I guess they fear continued Chinese economic woes, when China had been the growth engine behind our global economy for quite sometime.


Meanwhile, Google announced a corporate restructuring by adding a holding company, Alphabet.  This new structure will highlight their non-search businesses and allow those businesses to shine.  The stock is rallying significantly on the news.


So, you see...even when the macro-environment looks gloomy, there are always solid investments to be in.  You just got turn over a lot of rocks to find those gems.