Terror Attacks--11/18/2015


Last Friday, Paris, France was struck by terror attacks from Radical Islamic Terrorists.  Over 150 were killed and others injured.  There is no question that this was a tragic day for the French people and the Free World as a whole.  However, as a former Marine, I am proud of the French.  Their President struck at the heart of the terrorist's training camps with airstrikes before the weekend was over and today a massive raid was conducted and multiple arrests were made.

All of this seems to be boosting the confidence of market participants as the markets around the world have rallied.  Frankly, I love this!  These cowardly terrorist attacks that strike at civilian targets are meant to intimidate and scare us.  However, the last several major attacks have not accomplished that goal.  It seems that they are, instead, galvanizing the Free World and bringing us all together in a concerted effort to rid the world of these awful human beings, if you can call them that.

Godspeed France!