The EU Continues to Crack---6/3/2018

Over the years, we've seen many crisis' hit the Euro-zone.  Most of which seem to have the consequence of ending the EU.  We had the Greek crisis in 2009, which had its reforms take place from 2010-2016.  2012-2013 saw the Cyprus crisis.  2016 was Brexit.  And just this past March the Italian elections opened the door for another crisis, which was finally "resolved" on June 1st, 2018.

However, I am not sure the issues are really resolved.  It seems these elections actually have sewn the seeds for further EU uncertainty.

A lot of this seems to tie into many of the ideas I wrote about in the "A Brave New World" research report, which was published on 7/21/2017.  And that is, Europe is losing a lot of power and clout in the global community.