The Grind grinds on---6/29/2018

As I started talking about in February, we are in a "grinding" phase of the market.  We will have times when the news is good and the market moves up.  Other times, the news will be bad and send the market lower.  Some key topics during this phase will be; earnings, trade wars, interest rates, commodity prices, and political uncertainty.

However, it appears to me that the market should go sideways (when looking at the big picture) until the November elections.  Those elections are VERY consequential and until the market knows the results, it won't know whether to focus on great earnings growth or impeachment proceedings.  But after those elections, the market will have its answer.  It is my belief The Grind won't come to and end until after the elections. 

Strap should continue to be bumpy for quite some time.