Things that made me go, "Huh."---12/23/2014


Call me crazy, but a few things have happened over the last several weeks that are causing me to scratch my head and wonder what the new world of modern warfare looks like.

The most obvious one is the news stories lately about North Korean hackers hitting Sony over their new movie, "The Interview."  This was then followed by threats of terrorist attacks at movie theaters that show the movie.  And then the reports of North Korea's internet crashing.  Yeah, that's right...the entire country's internet crashed.  Hmmm.

And after thinking about that, I remember a thought I had about oil prices a few weeks ago. So...Putin takes over Crimea.  From what I gather, it is largely for their oil and gas resources and their location.  A few months after he does that, oil prices fall with no real warning or sense that was going to happen.  This, of course, hurts Putin's power position and causes the Russian Ruble to decline dramatically in value.  Huh?!?

So...who knows why things happen...but I've got a hunch.