Trump Attacks Syria---4/7/2017

Last night around 9 pm EST, President Trump ordered a military response to Syria using chemical weapons against its own people.  The US Navy, in fact, fired off 59 Tomahawk missiles from ships nearby Syria and crippled the Syrian airbase that was used in the chemical attack.

Frankly, there is little market reaction to this attack.  However, time will tell if this is significant or not.  But it does signal one thing for sure; Trump isn't afraid to use military force.  This fact is a BIG deal with all the geo-political hot spots perking up right now, including North Korea.

Furthermore, this is big news given the research I did, which was captured in the 2013 research report entitled "A Bear Hunt", that showed a major cause of cyclical pullbacks within Bull Markets is geo-political events.  It would be almost certain that the market would have a significant correction if the Russians and Americans had a military flare up over this Syria strike.  And if North Korea does boil over and that brings the U.S. and China to blows, this, again, would lead to an almost certain market pullback.

Anyway, these are things to watch.