Growth Spurt

A client actually sent a cartoon to me and I thought it was so appropriate, I had to send it out to all clients. You see, the actions depicted in the cartoon precisely identified “The Rescue Plan” instituted by the Feds. And it was at that time, that I realized how important the banks are to our economy.

Now, 4 years later, the banks have reported their largest profits EVER!! There is no question that the path to these profits was paved by bailouts, low interest rates, and extraordinarily accommodative monetary policy. Furthermore, I believe the actions taken by the Feds over the last several years were solely aimed at savings the banks. And now that the banks are saved, as evidenced by the massive profits and rising real estate prices (the main collateral for bank assets), the Feds will begin to “normalize” the business operating environment.

I believe this process of normalization will take the markets to amazing new highs.

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