1st Quarter 2022

Change is occurring on so many levels. Global leadership seems to be shifting and changing. Currency markets are in a time of change. Technology is changing our lives. Research, education, and non-stop diligence is vital to understanding what changes are going to last and what that means for the our current ways of doing things, our ways of life, and, therefore, the investments we make.

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3rd Quarter 2021

A Euphoric Transition of the Markets

Additionally, we see two new issues developing. The first is inflationary pressures, which are well known and discussed in the markets. The other is supply chain issues. Those issues are as visible as semiconductor production shortages. And as opaque as shortages of willing labor to unload cargo ships. But these issues are not garnering too many headlines at this point. We expect that to change.

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1st Quarter 2021

We think 2021 will be a year of consistent market gains. The Fed and the Treasury have made it clear that they will do whatever it takes to ensure that asset prices are stable, if not appreciating. Surely, we’ve all heard the saying “Don’t fight the Fed.” Market participants have been saying those words for multiple generations. Make no mistake about it, there is a reason for that. When the Fed is on your side, they can make the game a lot easier to win.

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4th Quarter 2020

Heading into 2021, there are still some uncertainties regarding how all of moving pieces of the global economy will fit together and we certainly do have a lot to worry about. But Bull Markets are said to “climb a wall of worry.”

The fact that the Fed and the Treasury appear to be working seamlessly together to stabilize and inflate asset prices, gives us a lot of confidence that the direction of the markets should be upward biased for the new year. But, of course, volatility will rear its head through out the year. Which is why we allocate assets according to everyone’s risk tolerance and financial needs.

Happy New Year!

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3rd Quarter 2020

In keeping with the theme of 2020, the 3rd quarter was a wild ride. The S&P 500 rallied about 14% in price during the first two months of the quarter and then pulled back about 10% during the month of September. To end the quarter, it settled up a little more than 4% for the year to date.

But what is the most fascinating aspect of those data points is the continuing disparity between the returns of the indices. I can’t re- member a time when the returns of various benchmarks were so wildly different, as we discussed in the last newsletter. For example, the Dow Jones Industrial Average ended the 3rd quarter with a year to date price change of –2.08%, the S&P Global index was –1.01%, the small cap index was –17.6%, while a handful of tech stocks have propelled the NASDAQ well into positive territory.

What will happen next in 2020? Frankly, not much would surprise us. But the election is close at hand and we’ve got a Supreme Court nomination in the confirmation process. Buckle up! It should be a wild ride.

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2nd Quarter 2020

As quickly as the market fell late last quarter, it rose almost as rapidly this quarter. We had mentioned in the last Capital Market Update that “Generally, with little data to work with, the market prices in extreme scenarios. We will see if this is the case this time.”

Indeed, it appears that is exactly what happened. The S&P 500 for the quarter rose over 20% and at the close of the 2nd quarter the price change of the S&P stood at –4.04%.

As we progress, we have a lot of issues to sort out in the market. When everyone gets this newsletter we will be in the midst of earnings season and it seems to us that in regards to what companies will actually earn moving forward, will be anybody’s guess. That is what makes this earnings season so important. It will highlight what company’s business models have the wherewithal to function in a rapidly changing economy.

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