Over the past 8 years, we’ve seen the market go through many phases and in our newsletters and research reports we’ve named these cycles and market movements. Recently we’ve seen the “rebalancing” and the “consolidation” to name a few. Right now, however, we are in the beginning of a new cycle that I’ll dub “normalization.”

This normalization process is occurring now and will most likely un-do the extreme pricing irregularities that have been forced upon the market through efforts to rescue the world’s economies from the dire situations they faced as part of the 2008 crisis. Some of these irregularities came about from overt and purposeful efforts, while some arose as unintended consequences relative to those actions.

Like all long-term secular trends, this process of normalization will not be an overnight knee-jerk reaction. Rather, little by little, day by day, quarter by quarter, I expect to see the following irregularities begin to reverse themselves.

Read the full report: Normalization

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