Money Management

The investment process we utilize focuses on three main things:

  • The client’s needs
  • A top down analysis of the global macro-economic environment
  • And a bottom up look at individual investment opportunities

Although all of these items are discussed in detail in our newsletters, updates, and research reports, we wanted to take the time to highlight some key components of our investment process.  And this process ideally starts with a financial analysis of the needs, wants, and desires of each and every client.  This allows us to provide a custom tailored portfolio designed to meet our client’s goals and objectives, while putting in place an appropriate amount of risk controls.

Furthermore, in the top-down analysis, we look at a variety of global economic indicators in an effort to highlight and discover countries, regions, industries, and sectors that might be offering attractive investment opportunities.  We also combine this analysis with an understanding of Behavioral Finance principles to, not only, understand what the data says about certain industries and sectors, but also to get an idea of how market participants are reacting to that data.  We feel this is where the real opportunities are discovered.

Once we have identified those key areas, we use our bottom up tools in an attempt to find specific investments that look attractive on a risk/return basis.  The four main drives we focus on at the company level are: balance sheet strength, earnings power, free cash flow generation, and valuation.  To be frank, many people look for the first three items but overlook the valuation component.  Interestingly enough, we feel the valuation aspect of an investment is the most important part of the bottom up approach.

By using these tools, we find that we can take a lot of the emotion out of investing.  This helps us identify the signal that market is sending us by blocking out the noise that is inherent in the day to day market operations.  Over the years, this has proven useful to our efforts in managing portfolios for clients.  And we will strive to continue to provide quality asset management services to our clients in the coming years.

Financial Planning

Our mission is to understand you and your family’s priorities. We undertake a deep discovery process and take the time to understand you, your family, and your unique values, goals, and objectives. These goals will become the driving force behind your overall plan. We help you design, implement and periodically monitor a customized wealth management strategy that helps you and your family pursue your personal financial goals while managing investment risk. Our wealth management approach is about using wealth to help turn goals into reality.

One of your primary concerns may be accumulating sufficient assets to live a fulfilling and comfortable retirement. Planning for the non-financial aspects and unknown contingencies that may arise during retirement is also important. Whether you are near retirement, many years away, or living it now, we can assess your retirement goals, provide objective guidance, monitor and review your progress, and assist with a variety of retirement-related concerns.

Our mission is to understand you and your priorities. To take the time, to ask hard, smart questions and to listen carefully, then to understand, in great detail, exactly where your wealth stands today, and where you’d like it to be tomorrow. We help you design, implement and periodically monitor a customized wealth management strategy that helps you and your family pursue your personal financial goals while managing investment risk. Wealth strategy plays an important role in safeguarding your family’s wealth, avoiding unnecessary taxes and ensuring that your legacy will continue. We work with your attorney, tax advisor or accountant to design sophisticated, customized plans that can help you achieve a careful balance of control and flexibility, shaping your family’s future while responding to its changing needs.

The information contained in this report is for information and analysis only. It is obtained from sources we believe to be reliable, however we can not guarantee its accuracy.


One of the key differentiators for MRP Capital Investments, LLC is our focus on in-house money management and in-house research development. Quarterly we send out a client newsletter that highlights our ideas on what is occurring in the markets and we try to make these reports quick to read and easy to understand.

We also, periodically, put out more robust research reports when we feel there is a shift in the market. Upon recognizing the changing nature of the market, we write full blown reports (or white papers as the industry calls them) in an effort to communicate what is happening in the market to our clients. These reports can be longer and more difficult to read. But, nevertheless, we feel they are important to get to our clients, so they can also understand why we are making the portfolio moves that we do.

And finally, we post quick snippets and updates in the Capital Market Note section to keep our clients in the loop regarding investment news that we feel is important.

Putting all of this together, you can clearly see our dedication to staying abreast of market news. We undertake this effort in an attempt to stay a step ahead of the market and keep client portfolio as well positioned as we can.