One of the key differentiators for MRP Capital Investments, LLC is our focus on in-house money management and in-house research development. Quarterly we send out a client newsletter that highlights our ideas on what is occurring in the markets and we try to make these reports quick to read and easy to understand.

We also, periodically, put out more robust research reports when we feel there is a shift in the market. Upon recognizing the changing nature of the market, we write full blown reports (or white papers as the industry calls them) in an effort to communicate what is happening in the market to our clients. These reports can be longer and more difficult to read. But, nevertheless, we feel they are important to get to our clients, so they can also understand why we are making the portfolio moves that we do.

And finally, we post quick snippets and updates in the Capital Market Note section to keep our clients in the loop regarding investment news that we feel is important.

Putting all of this together, you can clearly see our dedication to staying abreast of market news. We undertake this effort in an attempt to stay a step ahead of the market and keep client portfolio as well positioned as we can.